Nathalie Perret was born and spent part of her childhood in Venezuela, then living and studying Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile. Since 2002, she has lived and worked in Paris.

She quickly established herself on the French and European contemporary jewelry scene, noted for her very radical and conceptual approach. She designs objects characterized by a great technical and aesthetic stripping, to be worn or not, evoking the erasure or resurgence of traces
of the past. His work marks a desire to disturb the notions of identity and value of the object adornment, in order to restore the meaning of ritual in our contemporary lives.

In 2017 she co-created the pink panthers collective, five plastic impostors and luxury jewelry robbers who shy away from fiction. They have produced an exhibition and a publication, in which their research process around value plays with fake, replica and amateurism, through different media.

Nathalie has been dedicated to ceramics for several years now as a self-taught artist, exploring a subtle and elegant plasticity. Ceramics had already made its appearance in his work through ready-mades picked from abandoned graves. Today his work refers to the theme of transculturation and miscegenation, to their role in the history of modes of representation of knowledge. The objects chosen and their mode of presentation refer to the devices of appropriation and cultural transfers that were articulated by European colonization. She thus produces critical, facetious and poetic displacements, developing singular graphic techniques